How to Sexually Satisfy a Lesbian

If you’re a queer woman, chances are you’ve fantasized about sex with women. And for good reason: lesbian sex is delicious.

The trick to sexually satisfying a lesbian is to know what parts of the body are most pleasurable. Here are some tips: 1. The clitoris. 2. The vulva. 3. The erogenous zone. 4. The G-spot.

1. The clitoris

The clitoris is an organ in your body that looks like an upside-down Y. It has a single, bigger section, called the corpora, and two smaller legs, which are sometimes called the glans, that hang down behind your vaginal wall.

It’s best to use your fingers to explore the clitoris (a little lube will help), but you can also try a sex toy or fingertip vibrator. Massaging other erogenous zones, like the labia, vaginal opening, inner thigh, or perineum, can also lead to internal orgasms. To make it easier to feel the clitoris, separate your partner’s lips and pull back the flap of skin called the clitoral hood. Then, rub or stroke it, gently suck it, and/or tap it. It can be very sensitive and swell with stimulation.

2. The vulva

The clitoris is the tip of the vulva (or glans). It can be as small as a pea and as long as a thumb, and everyone’s is a different shape.

There are many ways to stimulate the vulva, including using toys, oral sex, hand- and finger-stimulation, grinding/tribbing, and more. A tried-and-true sex position, 69ing, involves one partner straddling the other face to face and aligning their hips or thighs around each other to rub their vulvas and clitorises together.

Another fun technique is to use a strap-on (a type of dildo used for penetration) and rub against each other’s vulvae, stimulating the pelvic muscles and creating stronger contractions that can lead to orgasms. It’s worth trying out a few of these techniques to discover what feels good and is satisfying to both partners.

3. The erogenous zone

In a penis-centric culture, it can be easy to forget that women have multiple pleasure zones. One of the classic lesbian sex positions is the sixty-nine position, which involves one partner lying on her back and the other laying on top of her so both partners’ mouths can reach each other’s clitoris. This area has thousands of nerve endings and pheromone-emitting glands, so you can try stimulating it with your fingers or using a vibrator or sensation toy.

Other erogenous zones that are easily forgotten include the ears, which can get tingly from even a light nibble. You can also try rubbing the armpits, which are super sensitive and oftentimes double as pleasure points. Even the scalp can be fun, as it’s full of nerve endings and arousal-inducing glands.

4. The G-spot

It’s a big part of what makes lesbian sex so spicy. But it’s not always easy to stimulate the G spot, which is tucked away between the anus and the vagina.

You can try using your fingers in a “come hither” motion, or a sex toy like a vibrator. The key is to experiment with different speeds and angles to find what feels best.

It’s also important to communicate your needs, desires, and fears with your partner — this is the same in any relationship, but especially if you’re new to clitoral stimulation. And as with any sexual activity, make sure to use barrier methods (dental dams for oral sex, latex gloves for digital penetration, and condoms every time you share a sex toy). It’s just good sense.

5. The tongue

When a lesbian first tries her hand at giving sexual pleasure to another woman, it can be intimidating. After all, the sex she sees in porn and movies typically features men — cis or trans – and often doesn’t bear much resemblance to what it feels like or even what counts as sex.

But it’s important to remember that there are a lot of ways to put bodies together that feel good — whether they’re male-female, female-female, or lesbian. And it’s important for partners to communicate and try new things to find out what works best for them.

For example, stroking a woman’s tongue is one way to stimulate her clitoris and erogenous zones. And if done right, it can lead to orgasms for both of you.

6. The mouth

Lesbians can experience a huge range of pleasure. This includes oral sex, external hand play (sometimes called frottage or dry sex), forms of anal sex, penetrative fingering and dildo use.

Forget what you see in porn: lesbian bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Your sex partner may have a clitoris that’s longer or shorter than the one you see in Blue Is The Warmest Color, and it’s up to you both to decide how to handle it.

Try rubbing a flat hand up and down your sex partner’s vulva, or circling the fingers around their labia to find their sweet spots. Massaging the clitoris with the tongue feels great too, but be sure to lick gently and vary the pressure. Remember to ask permission first.

7. The hands

There are dozens of ways to get it on with a lesbian. Some women prefer oral or mutual masturbation, while others enjoy penetrative sex with a penis, a sex toy, or a strap-on dildo.

The hands are also a powerful tool for stimulation. Stroking the delicate tissues of a woman’s vulva or vagina can increase her arousal and help her reach climax.

Many people have a hard time understanding how lesbians sexually satisfy each other. They’re stuck on the cisgender heterosexual scripts of power, arousal and what “counts” as sex. Lesbian comedians Veepa Le Stat, Chloe Green, Poppy Dadd and Kemah Bob tackle the question in their latest video. Check it out below. (Note: this video contains strong language and mature content.) Also, watch this video for more tips on how to sexually satisfy a lesbian.