Sex Model Audition Tips

Once you are invited to a casting, either by your agency or directly by a brand, you need to read the brief with a fine tooth comb. It may ask you to shave certain areas or to bring heels.

Always get everything in writing. Never accept any verbal promises or assurances.


Your make-up is important in a model audition and it can help you stand out from the competition. Make sure that your face is clean and that your eyebrows are neatly groomed. You should also use a good quality moisturizer to keep your skin healthy and glowing. You should also avoid using too much makeup. Using too much can cause your face to look unnatural and heavy. You should also avoid wearing any glitter or false eyelashes.

When you get to the venue of the audition, be sure to arrive early. Arriving late can give the impression that you are irresponsible and it will definitely affect your chances of getting a role. In addition, it is a bad idea to bring your friends or family to an audition because it can be distracting for the casting director.

The casting directors will likely ask you to introduce yourself and tell them about your modeling experience. It is a good idea to practice this beforehand so that you can speak clearly and concisely. You should also be able to answer any questions that they might have for you.

If you are asked to wear a certain outfit for the audition, be sure to have it with you. Girls should wear high-waisted skinny jeans and a fitted tank top or a little black dress. You should also play it safe with a pair of plain high heeled pumps.


Audition venues are usually not large so it is important to keep your clothes minimal. Girls: High-waisted skinny jeans and a fitted tank top or little black dress are always a good choice. A plain pair of high heeled pumps are also essential. It is a good idea to have these set aside specifically for auditions so they won’t get faded or dirty during the process.

When you enter the room, one of the staff will hand you an audition sheet where you fill out details like your name, body measurements and past modelling experience. You will be asked to introduce yourself and give a brief description of your personality so it is a good idea to practise this beforehand as well. Also, make sure you know your boundaries; if you aren’t comfortable with modeling nude, or certain types of reveal, let the casting director know this before you walk in.


The shoes you wear for an audition can make or break your look. They should be well fitted, clean and complement your outfit. Girls, you will want to play it safe with a pair of high heels that are easy to walk in. Do not bring high-waisted skinny jeans or tight clothes, unless they are specifically requested. You do not want to appear overly dramatic or out of place. Men, a simple pair of dark wash denim pants and a fitted shirt will do the trick.

Do not wear anything with logos on it. This is a professional audition, and it would be inappropriate to have Mickey Mouse on your shirt. It is also important to read the audition instructions carefully. If you are asked to audition for a cop, don’t show up wearing a police uniform!

Finally, remember that an audition is just as much of a business meeting as it is a modeling session. If you show up with an attitude or are rude to the casting director, they will not be interested in hiring you. Be friendly and respectful at all times, even if the casting director is not particularly pleasant to work with. This will help to keep the process running smoothly for everyone involved.