Sex Model Video Tips

Creating your own naughty videos can feel a little awkward at first. Whether you’re filming solo or with a partner, try to stick with sex acts that you’re comfortable doing in real life.

Lighting can make or break a scene, and it’s a great way to set the mood. VICE spoke to sex models and amateur porn creators from OnlyFans for their top video tips.


When you make video porn, lighting is crucial. A messy background or too much clutter can pull attention away from your hot self, and a dingy room can also make it hard to see your nakedness. Whether you’re shooting a solo jerk-off or a role play scenario, good lighting can give your footage a realistic feel and set the mood for your scenes.

Corina, an ImLive sex model and cam girl, recommends using dim lighting with warm tones for a romantic vibe. If your overhead light is too bright, she suggests putting paper in front of it to help diffuse the light and change the undertones. She also uses colored lights for fun role-playing scenarios like alien abductions.

Camera Angles

Camera angles are an important factor in pornography, especially when it comes to sex models. They can determine the mood of a scene and establish a character’s control over their world.

Using different camera angles can also add variety and interest to a video. Try placing the camera along the side of the bed to get a wide shot, or use one of your cameras’ zoom lenses to create close-ups of your faces and genitals.

Some couples find that having each other hold the camera and film from their POV can be a lot of fun, too. If you’re both able to, try exploring different angles during the actual filming, but be careful not to interrupt the flow of things too much. If you’re not comfortable showing your crotch, have the penetrating partner film from behind you or from close-ups during penetration. Then, play the footage back for a good look at the results.

Getting Started

If you’re new to filming sexy videos, it’s best to practice a bit first. Take some sexy pictures in your favorite lingerie and pose in front of a mirror to get a feel for the best angles and positions for your body. It’s also a good idea to give your partner some feedback and ask them what sort of sex they find most desirable.

Aside from lingerie and body positioning, the other big factor in making a hot sex model video is having fun. You’ll both likely be nervous the first time you shoot, but a few drinks can help loosen you up.

Lighting and camera angle can make or break the mood of your videos, but a busy background can pull focus away from the action. Try to keep your space as clean as possible and only use props that are necessary for the scene you’re shooting. It’s also important to remember that homemade naughty movies will never be as professional as the ones made by the pros, so don’t expect yours to look perfect at first.