The Biggest Dick in History

According to Guinness World Records, Roberto Esquivel Cabrera of Mexico has the biggest dick in history. His manhood measures 18.9 inches. In 2013, a video of him measuring his manhood went viral, sparking a flurry of controversy. He claims to be the oldest living penis holder and says that he has been circumcised and his penis is as big as he wants it to be.

Jonah Falcon claims to have the largest penis in history, and has been crowned the title by the US Transportation Security Administration. He said that his penis size cost him his career as an actor in Hollywood. Another person who claims to have the largest penis in history is Roberto Esquivel Cabrera. Both men claim that they have a penis measuring 9.5 inches. Whether or not they are the biggest dick in the world is unclear.

In a recent interview, Falcon, a former actor, claimed to possess the largest penis in history. He was stopped by TSA officials in San Francisco, who mistakenly believed that he was carrying something large. After his arrest, Falcon says that his penis’ size killed his career in Hollywood. Despite his claims, however, he is a fake, despite his size. The real record-holder is Jonah Falcon, a journalist with a big penis.

Another man who claims to have the biggest dick in history is Jonah Falcon. He has a record-breaking penis and claims to be 34 cm in diameter when erect.

So he appeared on UK morning show This Morning in 2008, where he told the hosts of the show that his penis was 34 cm long. He then presented the hosts with a picture of his penis, which he said he had to share with them.

As an openly bisexual man, Jonah Falcon claims to have the biggest dick in history of the world. His penis measures 13.5 inches in diameter when erect. He has been holding the title for 20 years. It has even been the subject of magazine profiles and documentaries. Recently, Falcon appeared on US talk show The Daily Show and he opened up to Men’s Health magazine. This is an extremely rare dick, so why not give him one?

The biggest penis in history isn’t actually a man at all. It is actually a woman. She was a bisexual who had a penis the size of a football. In fact, she is the biggest penis in the world. But it’s not her penis that makes her the biggest. She’s only an enticing penis. That’s a lot of fame for the openly bisexual.